Fresh air is the basic requirement for a productive and healthy workplace. 


As building regulations raise standards in the energy efficient design of buildings, insulation levels become much higher, reducing the heating and cooling demand in buildings. However, stale air can remain trapped and cause: 

  • Need of oxygen 
  • Greater risk of allergies 
  • Odours lingering for longer 
  • Increased condensation causing mould


Fresh air ventilation removes stale air and offers free cooling, for a fresher indoor environment. It can also be integrated within a wider building climate control system for maximum energy efficiency.

Any workplace – be it industrial or commercial, factory or office – needs a constantly circulating airstream to replace and ventilate stale and noxious air.

Not only is ventilation and air filtration / purification  fundamental to a healthy work environment, it also ensures that machinery is not damaged or components and products spoiled by fumes or condensation.

 Ventilation Systems are the cornerstone to a healthy workplace…

CoolZone Solutions understand that there is no such thing as an off-the-shelf solution to your ventilation needs — buildings vary too much in structure and design. Our engineers can design and implement a bespoke ventilation system that is perfectly suited to your premises and your business.

If you have an existing ventilation system, CoolZone Solutions will design and implement a maintenance strategy which will enhance and improve your ventilation requirements while ensuring the minimum disruption to staff and equipment.


Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

We offer competitive air con maintenance agreements for the upkeep of all types of air conditioning. read more

Our Services

Our Services

CoolZone Solutions Ltd covers the Midlands, Lincolnshire and Yorkshire areas read more


Air Conditioning

We offer competitive ventilation maintenance agreements for the upkeep of all types of ventilations. read more

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