Commercial Air Conditioning in the Midlands, Scunthorpe and Lincolnshire

BENEFITS OF AIR CONDITIONING AT WORK In an office environment, cool cleaner air improves staff morale, and boosts efficiency and productivity. As gas prices steadily increase every year, commercial operators are finding that air conditioning is a way to control their spiraling energy costs An office environment can have a set temperature all year long, not too hot in summer and not too cold in winter As the office temperature is more regulated staff are less likely to be off sick CoolZone Solutions supplies, installs, and maintains air conditioning systems for all commercial properties, inclusive of offices, shops, restaurants, factories etc. Our staff are able to find a solution to all of your heating/cooling needs, and will deliver what you require on time and within budget. We will always advise of a total cost inclusive of all materials, so each client is aware of the project total. We do not add any additional or hidden costs! We offer the following Commercial Air Conditioning solutions in the Midlands, Humberside and Lincolnshire;

SERVER/COMPUTER ROOMS Throughout the year, even during winter, server rooms are always humid, with high temperatures, which are given out as "heat loads" from the machines located inside. Computer Rooms or Data Rooms whether in Offices, Libraries, Schools or Universities all need to be correctly Air Conditioned to maintain a comfortable working environment for computer users and equipment.

OFFICES If you are based in the Midlands, Humberside or Lincolnshire and you have a single office or multiple offices that need air conditioning, CoolZone Solutions can design and install an air condition package to suit your requirements. If individual control is need we would suggest installing a split unit. The indoor unit can be either wall or ceiling mounted.

MULTI OFFICES If you have a range of offices that all require heating or cooling, or you are considering to maintain a constant office temperature, then you could consider a multi-split unit but this option allows for up to 4 units to be positioned in various rooms, allowing individually controlled units,(only heating or cooling) which all operate for a single outdoor unit.

MULTI OFFICES OR ON VARIOUS FLOORS If you have a large number of offices spread out over a large area or on different floors, then consider a Variable Refrigerant Flow, (VRV) systems. These air conditioning systems are the most up to date development. Clients can choose from a standard "2 pipe" system which lets all the units operate either in heating or cooling mode, but individual offices can control their own comfort levels, or a "3 pipe" system where units can operate either on heating or cooling at the same time, even if the offices are next door to each other. Portable SYSTEMS Mobiles or portable Air Conditioners as they are sometimes known, are available in various types and sizes. They consist of a small unit that is connected via an electricity supply in the room; they remove the heat from the room via a tumble drier type hose. This unit is a popular "last minute" choice, but it does not represent a long-term solution. For more information on our commercial air conditioning in the Midlands, Scunthorpe and surrounding areas, please contact us today on 0845 686 4696.

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Air Conditioning

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